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Jackpotjili casino | Game Ape : The Casino Welcome Bonus

Many online casinos offer bonuses to their new joining communities to attract and retain them. These casinos usually offer many rewards for their members and regular players. While these bonuses are very profitable for you and can earn you more money than other players, you must know how these work. 

When you are opting for bonuses, there are many aspects to be considered. You will definitely want the best bonus, and for that, you will have to read all the terms and conditions of online casinos. You should also be familiar with the rules and be eligible for the bonus. The Game Ape bonus is among the best bonuses there are.

What is a Casino?

Casino bonuses, also called sign-up bonuses, are the advantages or rewards that online casinos offer their newly joining members or first-time players who sign up to their casino. They are the most common bonuses offered by casinos. You should definitely take advantage of bonuses while also being cautious. 

This bonus can be in various forms and shapes. Usually, the casino offers you free spins or a percentage of your initial deposit. Sometimes they can even offer you no-deposit bonuses on certain games that are popular in the casino or cashback bonuses. A cashback bonus is a percentage that the casino will offer to you for the amount you have played for. 

There are deposit bonuses and non-deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses are the ones that require you to make a deposit first. Non-deposit bonuses are less common as they do not require your deposit. Game Ape bonus offers, unlike many other casinos, come in several forms.  

How Do Casino Bonuses Work?

Most casinos offer such bonuses, and it is mostly so they can attract more players to sign up for their casino and generate business for their casino. As there is a lot of competition, casinos want as many people to join them as they can engage. So they offer sign-up bonuses that reward the players who join them for the first time. 

Generally, when it comes to casino bonuses, the player has to make a minimum deposit against which they get the casino bonus. The bonus has to be utilized within a specific time period or else, it will become invalid. 

Most Common Terms & Conditions

  • Some of the most common terms and conditions are the wagering requirements, limits on betting, time period, etc. 

  • Wagering requirements, also called Bonus Turnover, are the times you need to wager your bonus money to be eligible to withdraw the amount. 

  • Certain online casinos have a limit on the withdrawal of the amount. So this means that even if you earn a higher amount, you cannot withdraw more than the withdrawal limit. 

  • Bet limits are the amounts that the players can bet in the game. If they bet any more than this amount, they may lose their money to the casino. 

  • The time period is the time limit on the bonus. If you fail to withdraw your winnings within the time stated, then your winnings may be lost. 

  • It is also common for casinos to offer a cash bonus. You may want to opt for cash bonuses as you can withdraw your winnings as soon as you are eligible. 

Types Of Game Ape 

Game Ape live casino bonuses offer all types of Game Ape welcome bonus. Most of the bonuses are only applicable once that is as a Game Ape 1st deposit bonus. 


Get 100% Welcome Bonus upto 3000 PHP

This bonus gives you a bonus of up to 3,000 Thai Baht. Game Ape bonus offers a Game Ape casino bonus which requires them to fulfill the turnover requirement (18x) within 30 days. 


100% Welcome Bonus On Fishing up to 2000 PHP

This bonus gives you a bonus of up to 2,000 Thai Baht. Game Ape bonus offers a Game Ape casino bonus which requires them to fulfill the turnover requirement (18x) within 30 days. 


Do’s And Don’ts

Here are some things that you should do:

  • Take as many opportunities as you can get as bonuses.

  • Learn how the casino rules work. 

  • Find out the criteria to be eligible for the bonuses and free spins.

  • Read all the terms and conditions of the casino and the games that you will be playing. 

  • Be firm on how much you afford to spend. 

  • Search and find the bonuses that work the best for you.

Here are some things you should not do:

  1. Do not go over the bet limitations; your bonus will be invalid.

  2. Do not opt for any bonus or bet your winnings without prior and thorough research. 

  3. Do not wait too long to withdraw your winnings. A lot of online casinos have time periods after which withdrawal is not possible. 

  4. Do not bet away all of your bonus winnings in hopes of winning more. There are betting limits, and you should play wisely with calculated risks. 

  5. Do not use fraudulent activities like multiple accounts to get multiple bonuses which could result in disqualification.

There are multiple options available for you to explore, and you can take advantage of the Game Ape live casino bonus. bonuses are designed to benefit you and keep you engaged with more and more games. All of these games offer different types of bonuses for you to play with.


The Best Game Ape for Mobile friendly

Whether you are a novice player or a veteran, you cannot underestimate the utility of an online casino app. Web-based gaming is one thing, but being able to play casino games on-the-go is a peerless experience. Hence, GameApe makes sure that it does not disappoint its customers in this regard. Thus, it has introduced the GameApe Mobile App for the modern, tech-savvy player.

The GameApe app is genuinely one of a kind. First, it is compatible across a wide range of mobile devices. So, whether you are an Android or iOS user, you are all sorted with the mobile app.

Second, it is as safe as its web counterpart. Hence, your login and playing sessions on the app will be secure and super comfortable. All the security features that you find on the web version are included in the mobile apps as well.

Third, the interface is very user-friendly. So, it does not matter if you are not very smooth with mobiles. The app offers super seamless controls for you to explore the casino world without any hassles. Finally, the app houses an extensive collection of over 1000 games that you can access anywhere. Further, the app comes with round-the-clock customer service for any game-related queries.

So, how about the GameApe mobile app download process? Well, it’s pretty simple and all you have to do is take note of the following download steps:

  1. Visit the official website at

  2. At the top left of the homepage and hover to the “Mobile App” option.

  3. The download shoult start automatically right after you click on the icon.

The GameApe Online Casino Mobile App is no less than the website in terms of security, ease, and games collection. Besides, you can get all of it in the palm of your hands and enjoy your favorite casino games anytime and anywhere. To sum up, Game Ape’s mobile app is worth a try.


In general, casino welcome bonuses are an excellent way for online casinos to attract new players and retain existing ones. As a player, you should take advantage of these bonuses but also be cautious and aware of the terms and conditions. 

Game Ape online live casino offers various types of bonuses that can benefit you, but it is essential to fulfill the turnover requirement within the specified time period. Remember to read and understand the rules, not exceed the bet limits, and play responsibly. 

With all the options available, you can find the bonus that suits you the best and enjoy the games with calculated risks. The Game Ape casino bonus offers the best deals that maximize your profits and keep you wanting to come for more.

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